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Tune In on May 30 to Binance Talks: Paying With Crypto

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Main Takeaways

  • Binance Talks is an online talk show hosted on Binance Live.

  • The monthly show dives into crypto’s hottest topics and features expert guests, panel discussions, and audience giveaways.

  • Our fourth session, focusing on crypto payments, will start at 1 PM UTC on May 30.

Join us on Binance Live as we learn more about how blockchain powers digital crypto payments worldwide.

We’ve come a long way from the first Bitcoin real-world purchase for two pizzas in 2010. Now, there’s not much you can’t buy from retailers with BTC or a crypto-powered card. Even payment giants used by millions of people daily are now embracing crypto solutions.

But what can we expect looking into the next decade of crypto payments, and what are the challenges we need to face? Join us in our fourth Binance Live episode to find out more about the world of crypto payments and exactly where the innovation is taking place.

What to Expect from Binance Talks: Paying With Crypto

We’re pleased to announce that Rachel Wolfson, freelance journalist at Cointelegraph and host of the Web3 Deep Dive podcast, as the host for this session. 

Rachel started writing about the Web3 space in 2017. Her work has also appeared in Forbes, HuffPost, and Bitcoin Magazine, amongst other publications. She’ll be taking you through three different topics in the live session with our invited guests.

1 / Reshaping the payments landscape with cryptocurrencies 

Cryptocurrency adoption has skyrocketed over the past decade. We’ve already seen the differences it can make, but where will this growing popularity take us? In this conversation, our panel will discuss how blockchain will reshape the financial and payments landscape over the next 10 years.

Joining us will be: Igor Bokiy, CEO of SettlePay; Damien Patureaux, CEO & Co-founder at Lyzi; plus Eralp Hatipogolu, CEO & Co-founder at

2 / Overcoming crypto challenges and blockchain barriers

After discussing a brighter crypto payments future, we’ll then move on to the challenges we need to tackle. What are the main points needed for the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency payments by businesses and consumers? Blockchain often has unique solutions, so these will need to be leveraged as much as possible.

Joining this panel will be: Eric Barbier, Founder & CEO of Triple-A; Pakning Luk, Regional Head of Business Development at Binance; plus Romain Colnet, Innovation Business Development Manager at INGENICO.

3 / Leveraging blockchain’s advantages in payments

We’ve already seen the long list of advantages blockchain can bring to the payments sector. But how else can we use this technology to make even quicker, cheaper, and faster payments accessible to all? This discussion will see us look at innovative ways we can use cryptocurrencies to improve the global payments situation. When it comes to crypto payments, what’s attractive to vendors currently, and what isn’t?

Discussing the topic will be: Dmitri Verbovski, CEO at; plus Athina Apostolou, Head of Legal and Compliance for APS Group at Advanced Payment Solutions Group.

Crypto Box Quiz

By paying close attention to the discussed topics, and the Binance Talks info session, you could have the opportunity to share in $4,000 of crypto. Simply listen in and answer the questions in our Crypto Box Quiz giveaway. 

How to Listen to Binance Talks Live

You can catch Binance Talks through Binance Live or on YouTube. However, please note that you need a Binance account to watch it on Binance Live. Here’s how you can access this service in the Binance app:

  1. Download the latest version of the app.

  2. Tap [More] on the homepage, scroll down to [Others], then select [Binance Live].

  3. On the Binance Live homepage, you’ll see all the events that are ready to be streamed, including Binance Talks.

Join Us on May 30, 2023

If you want to participate in our Paying With Crypto session, make sure to join us live on May 30 at 1 PM UTC. This is the fourth Binance Talks session (the most recent being April's session on Blockchain For Social Good). We’ll continue meeting monthly to talk with the industry’s leading experts about the most relevant topics in crypto, so stay tuned for the next Binance Talks!

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