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Binance Build – May 23, 2023

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Discover the latest and biggest product developments across the Binance ecosystem.

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day! Make sure to share a slice — with or without pineapple — in honor of crypto’s first-ever real-life purchase. 

On the chain for today’s edition of Binance Build are a slew of updates to Binance Feed, the launch of Rewards Hub, one platform to manage all your tasks and rewards, and Binance Spot’s TradingView integration — among other tweaks and new features across our entire ecosystem. 


Try Binance Feed’s latest updates

Binance Feed has just gotten a major upgrade: crypto boxes, new languages, and a dedicated educational hub – Creator Academy. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Quiz Crypto Boxes. Creators can now engage with their audience using crypto box-incentivized quizzes. Followers who answer the quiz correctly will receive a box containing tokens of the creators’ choosing. 

  • Creator Academy. Become a pro at content creation with educational courses and insights on topics related to fostering a community, staying up to date with the ecosystem, and, perhaps most importantly, building meaningful content that speaks to your audience. 

  • Language updates. Binance Feed is now available in French and Spanish, bringing the total number of supported languages to eight. 

  • Binance Live integration. Tune in to the hottest Web3 and crypto live streams from Binance Live, conveniently accessible from Binance Feed’s Discover page. 

Explore Binance Feed →

Complete tasks and earn prizes on Rewards Hub

We’ve streamlined the task-reward process for all our users, combining the previous Task Center and Rewards Center into one easy-to-use interface. 

Manage your tasks with ease, track your progress and past accomplishments, and get rewarded for engaging with our platform with Rewards Hub.

Learn more about Rewards Hub →

Trade with Binance on TradingView

Trade crypto on Binance Spot directly in the browser or desktop version of TradingView, one of the most comprehensive charting and trading interfaces available. 

Learn how to use our TradingView integration →

Other Features We’ve Launched


  • Export to PDF. Download and save your Spot or Margin order/trade history as an easy-to-access PDF file. 

  • Trading tags. Identify coins by their sector and ranking with category tags displayed under each symbol on the Spot trading page. 

  • COIN-M Futures subscription. Pay a monthly fee to enable position limit adjustments on your Coin-Margined Futures positions. 

  • Find popular grid bots. Sort trading bots by ROI, PNL, and popularity. 

  • A new entry point for spot grid. Access spot grid trading directly from the Spot homepage.  

  • Iceberg orders. Split large orders into smaller, manageable chunks on the order book to minimize market impact and increase trading efficiency. 

  • Drag-and-drop modifications. Adjust your open take-profit/stop-loss orders with an intuitive drag-and-drop feature on your K-line chart. 

  • Top options. Check out the top 5 options contracts in the last 24 hours by open interest or trading volume.

  • Share your trading. Easily share the realized profit and loss of your positions with your friends or the larger community.

Stay Updated on All Things Binance

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest news and product updates across the Binance ecosystem. We also update our blog with daily stories and commentary, from CZ’s thoughts and favorite books to educational articles and product launch announcements.

If there’s a product or feature you want to see implemented, let us know on Twitter using #BinanceBuild or submit your ideas via our feedback and suggestion board. 

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Join in the #BinancePizza Festivities and Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day With Us!
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