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Join in the #BinancePizza Festivities and Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day With Us!

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Main Takeaways

  • Bitcoin Pizza Day celebrates Bitcoin’s first-ever real-world transaction. A programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz famously purchased two pizzas for 10,000 BTC from another user on the BitcoinTalk forum on May 22, 2010.

  • Some 14 or so Binance products and services are joining in this year’s Bitcoin Pizza Day fun with a variety of activities and promotions.

  • To find out more about an activity, click the [Learn More] button under each entry below for specific participation details.

There are plenty of promotions, activities, and competitions from your favorite Binance products to take part in this Bitcoin Pizza Day. 

This year’s Bitcoin Pizza Day, celebrated on May 22, Binance is making merry in style, with online and in-person events worldwide. We also have a killer list of activities and promotions coming straight from your favorite Binance products and services. So, as we commemorate BTC’s first-ever real-world transaction, you can celebrate in more ways than ever!

Collect and Win

Our Bitcoin Pizza Day tie-in campaign will give you a chance to win a year’s supply of pizza in BTC! From May 22 (00:00 UTC) to June 05 (23:59 UTC), collect each of the three kinds of pizza we have available by:

  • Completing a trade worth 50 USDT or more with the BTC/USDT spot trading pair

  • Depositing funds worth at least 50 USDT via [Fiat Deposit] or [Buy with Card]

  • Depositing funds worth at least 50 USDT via Binance P2P

  • Referring at least one friend to create a Binance account and verify their identity

After collecting all three kinds of pizza, you can redeem your Pizza Shop badge on the activity page. This will qualify you to enter the challenge to win a year's supply of pizza in BTC.

Activity Period: 2023-05-22 00:00 (UTC) to 2023-06-05 23:59 (UTC)

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Word of the Day

We are excited to launch a new Bitcoin Pizza Day promotion for Word of the Day (WOTD)! This is an educational word-guessing game that allows users to increase their crypto vocabulary and stay on top of the latest developments in the industry at the same time.

The theme for this week is Bitcoin fundamentals. Read selected articles to learn more about this topic and participate in this week’s WOTD. All eligible users will receive an equal share of the prize pool worth 52,200 USDT in trading fee rebate vouchers.

How to win:

  • All users are eligible to play one WOTD game per day.

  • Get a total of five correct answers during the Activity Period to be eligible for a share of 52,200 USDT in trading fee rebate vouchers.

Activity Period: 2023-05-22 00:00 (UTC) to 2023-05-28 23:59 (UTC)

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Binance Card

This May, to mark Bitcoin Pizza Day, Binance Card is offering eligible users Crypto Boxes, which can be claimed when you complete certain actions during the promotion period.

 These actions include :

  1. Making your first transaction with a Binance Card.

  2. Sharing the promotion link with a friend who successfully applies for a Binance Card and makes their first Binance Card transaction (limited to ten successful referrals per user).

Make sure to read the promotion page for exact details on the prizes and eligible countries.

Activity Period: 2023-05-01 00:00:00 (UTC) to 2023-05-31 23:59:59 (UTC)

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Referral & Affiliates

Binance Lite Referral is giving away 100 USDT token rewards. All you need to do is refer friends via Lite Referral Mode to join Binance and encourage them to complete verification. Each successful referral will build your rewards closer to the $100 prize! Join now and refer your way to 100 USDT.

Each successful referral will bring your rewards closer to the grand prize! Join now and refer your way to 100 USDT.

Activity Period: 2023-05-16 04:00 (UTC) to 2023-06-15 23:59 (UTC)

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Enjoy an instant discount on fiat transaction fees this Bitcoin Pizza Day! Eligible users who confirm their participation will get a discount when completing their first fiat transaction during the activity period.

Activity Period: 2023-05-19 00:00 (UTC) to 2023-05-28 23:59 (UTC)

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Earn: ETH Staking

Binance’s ETH Staking is launching a new Bitcoin Pizza Day activity to reward our community! During the campaign period, new and existing ETH staking users can take part in either of our two promotions to receive up to $50 in BTC as additional rewards! 

Activity Period: 2023-05-22 12:00 (UTC) to 2023-06-09 23:59 (UTC)

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Binance Pay

To celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day, Binance Pay is giving out free Crypto Red Packets to eligible users. Participants can also claim additional ones by successfully inviting other users to take part in the promotion.

Activity Period: 2023-05-12 02:00 (UTC) to 2023-05-31 23:59 (UTC)

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Binance Feed

Binance Feed is celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day by inviting you to showcase your creativity and earn a share of a 3,000 USDT reward pool in gift cards. 

It's time to fire up your creative oven, prepare the ingredients for some engaging posts, and become a part of this awesome #BinancePizza campaign! Join us today and let the world have a taste of what you’ve got cooking!

Activity Period: 2023-05-19 06:00 (UTC) to 2023-05-28 23:59 (UTC)

[Learn More]

Binance Live

For our global users who cannot attend our in-person events, Binance will be holding a virtual live meet-up on May 22nd at 12pm UTC. The event will feature an appearance by CZ and our most prominent Binance Feed creators to discuss the significance of Bitcoin Pizza Day.

You’ll also have the chance to earn a share of a 3,000 USDT prize pool by taking part in our interactive quiz.

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To kick off the Bitcoin Pizza Day festivities, we're hosting a scavenger hunt activity where five exceptional community members will unlock hidden BTC wallets, each containing 1,000,000 satoshis (0.01 BTC). In addition, we’ll be offering a BTC prize pool worth $3,000 for all participating community members.

Join the Binance English Telegram group and the official Binance Discord server to celebrate this milestone in cryptocurrency history with the rest of the community!

Activity Period: 2023-05-22 09:00 (UTC) to 2023-05-26 23:59 (UTC)

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Who doesn’t want to win a year’s supply of pizza? Our social media channels will be giving away an equivalent amount of BTC so that you can have enough pizzas to last a full year! 

Enter by resharing select posts, creating a Binance-themed pizza, and sharing your photo with the hashtag #BinancePizza. Time to get baking!

Activity Period: 2023-05-18 13:00 (UTC) to 2023-05-31 23:59 (UTC)

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Binance will mark this year’s Bitcoin Pizza Day with a globe-spanning selection of online and in-person events. Meet us in Italy to participate in our pizza competition, or search for clues to find our pizza vans in Vietnam, Bahrain, and Brazil. 

Fancy a slice at a Binance pizzeria? Cambodia, Uruguay, Mexico, and Argentina have got you covered. And that’s not all! So make sure to check out our article below for full details.

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Trust Wallet

Binance Pay and Trust Wallet are excited to announce a joint giveaway to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day. Users who transfer funds from their Funding Wallet to Trust Wallet for the first time (via the “deposit from exchange” feature) will qualify to share a pool of 20,000 USDT in rewards!

Activity Period: 2023-05-22 07:00 (UTC) to 2023-06-04 23:59 (UTC)

[Learn More]

Fan Token

Join the Pizza Day celebration with Binance Fan Token! Invite a friend to join Binance Fan Club via the poster invitation found in the app. Your friend will receive up to 4 USD in Fan Token Vouchers, and you will tap into a prize pool worth 5,000 USD in Fan Token vouchers!  

Activity Period: 2023-05-22 14:00 (UTC) to 2023-06-01 23:59 (UTC)

[Learn More]

It’s an Action-Packed 2023 Bitcoin Pizza Day

There’s plenty to get involved with this Bitcoin Pizza Day. So, no matter if you’re a fan of ETH staking or Fan Tokens, you’ll be able to join in the fun. Don’t forget that we’ll be gathering online and in person to celebrate as well — so join us for a slice if you can!

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