Build The Block Episode 3 Highlights: Ontropy Vs. HANA

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Main Takeaways

  • Build the Block is the world's first Web3 entrepreneur reality show set entirely in the metaverse. 

  • Episode 3, which was released on May 19, featured a pitch-off between Ontropy and HANA.

  • Check out our recap of how it went down and get a first look at next episode’s matchup: Pip vs. Harvest.

Ontropy or HANA? Read our recap to see who emerged victorious in episode 3 of Build the Block.

In the latest episode of Build the Block, the world’s first Web3 reality show set in the metaverse, two innovative companies go head-to-head in hopes of impressing our esteemed judges and spectators. 

In the end, only one of the two will be crowned this episode’s winner. Keep reading to see what happened in Build the Block’s third episode. 

Episode 3: Ontropy vs. HANA

Guest Judges

Yibo Ling, Binance’s chief business officer, joined the usual gang of Robby Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands, Azeem Khan, fundraising and partnership lead at GitCoin, and Guy Turner, co-founder of CoinBureau YouTube channel, to round out Build the Block’s panel of judges for Episode 3.


First up was Ontropy and its founder Jose, who was brimming with confidence from the start of the episode. In the pitch, Jose laid out his company’s vision to decentralize data and remove the need for oracles and bridges. 

One of the judges, Robby, found Ontropy’s vision intriguing even despite his lack of technical knowledge about the company’s very specific niche. Robbie noted that, while there’s a clear need in the marketplace for an alternative to oracles and bridges, one pressing question remained unresolved: how will Ontropy deploy and commercialize their product? 

Jose retired to his corner, telling Justin Bratton, the show’s presenter, that he was “going to hang out and believe” as the judges move on to hear the next project’s pitch. 


Up next was HANA, led by its founder Kohei Reax. As Kohei was taking the stage, Justin complimented his dapper metaverse avatar. Kohei presented HANA as a company that aims to provide additional privacy layers to blockchain transactions.

Guest judge Yibo commended Kohei’s “terrific presentation,” agreeing that privacy is massively important to the ecosystem, yet wondering how Kohei planned to go to market.

And the winner is…

Ontropy: 504 

HANA: 361

Congratulations, Ontropy!

Ontropy emerged victorious by a staggering 143 votes, with their mission to remove the need for oracles and bridges through zero-knowledge protocols resonating tremendously with the judges and the audience. 

Next Up: Pip vs. The Harvest

Guest Judges

Episode four’s panel of judges will feature the same crew as Episode three: Yibo Ling, Robby Yung, Azeem Khan, and Guy Turner. 


Pip is a company that provides innovative payment solutions using Web3 technology, with an emphasis on micropayments. 


Harvest is a blockchain-based game that combines elements of a third-person shooter and a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).

Watch Build The Block Episode 4: Pip vs. The Harvest

Catch the next episode of Build the Block on Binance Live or our official YouTube channel on May 23 (14:00 UTC).

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