Binance Charity Chats: UNICEF Luxembourg and the Horn of Africa

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Main Takeaways

  • Web3 technologies offer promising solutions to enhance the philanthropy sector.

  • In our Twitter interview series, Binance Charity Chats, we delve into the ways people are using Web3 technologies to create a positive impact on society.

  • Find out how crypto has been helping UNICEF Luxembourg combat hunger in the Horn of Africa.

Binance Charity Chats is a Twitter interview series exploring Web3’s positive impacts. Read about Binance’s collaboration with UNICEF Luxembourg to support children in need.

How can we harness technology to help the world? 

This is a question that Binance Charity asks every single day. In our modern digital age, technology is constantly improving the way we live, work, and interact with one another. But how can we use it to enhance our social impact?

To answer this, we launched Binance Charity Chats in March 2022 to explore how Web3 technologies are being used to make a difference in society. Binance Charity Chats is an ongoing Twitter interview series where guests from all walks of life band together around one common topic: Web3 as a force for good.

In this episode, we invited Paul Heber from UNICEF Luxembourg to discuss their drought relief efforts in the Horn of Africa and the challenges of supporting children globally.

UNICEF Luxembourg

“We’re trying to fight starvation; millions of children are at risk of starvation.” — Paul Heber, Chief Communication Officer, UNICEF Luxembourg

UNICEF Luxembourg is a national committee of UNICEF that seeks to empower and support children globally. One of its recent projects includes relief efforts for a drought ailing the Horn of Africa, where millions of children face starvation from drought-induced food shortages. One way UNICEF Luxembourg is helping to aid the crisis is by sending commodities to children in the Horn of Africa. 

Funding Gaps – A Central Challenge

“At the moment, one of the biggest challenges we’re facing is that there’ll always be funding gaps,” Paul shared. “If you carry the tagline ‘For Every Child,’ you need to make sure you’re doing all you can to help.” 

To improve the well-being of children in the Horn of Africa, UNICEF Luxembourg focuses on improving access to safe drinking water, healthcare services, and food. UNICEF Luxembourg also supports initiatives like free lunches to motivate children to attend classes for a better future.

And all these require significant funds.

“So far, we’ve received sizable donations from the crypto community, which has shown to be quite generous.” — Paul Heber, Chief Communication Officer, UNICEF Luxembourg

Unfortunately, public skepticism around charities has been a persistent challenge for the sector. Some questions that Paul has received include: “Haven’t you asked for money for the same problem?” and “Why does it keep happening again?” 

The answer lies in the impact and scale of the problems at hand.

When trust in charitable giving wavers, organizations like UNICEF Luxembourg often face greater difficulty collecting donations to send urgent aid to children in need. Blockchain technology can help to address this issue by lending transparency to fundraising efforts.

Donations Made Transparent With Blockchain

“One of the innovative solutions to these problems is accepting crypto because every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, which makes them 100% transparent and available for the public to see.” — Elizabeth, Binance Charity

Organizations like Binance Charity are already using blockchain to empower those in need. Specifically, the technology can be used as a means to address public concerns about fundraising and other charity efforts.

Funds on the blockchain can be viewed by anyone to track where they’re going. And thanks to the immutability of blockchain technology, records cannot be altered – making fundraising efforts more transparent. 

Since blockchain introduces transparency and lowers the risk of corruption – as it’s difficult to alter donation records while avoiding detection – it can allow for greater accountability and trust for organizations like UNICEF Luxembourg.

Catch Binance Charity Chats

Want to know more about the intersection of blockchain and philanthropy? Watch the full Binance Charity Chat: Horn of Africa livestream here.

Explore more about how Binance Charity and other organizations use tech as tools for social change. Follow us on Twitter to catch the latest episodes of Binance Charity Chats.

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