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FINA Staking Tutorial & Token Cross-Chain Announcement

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Hello Definians!

Thank you for the continuous support you’ve given to Defina. ❤️ Along with the successful Magic Eden Mystery Box NFT sale, the $FINA Liquidity Pool program has also arrived for Polygon. Make sure to read until the end to know more about the Hero Mint Reveal Event and when the Polygon game server will be live!

Staking will go live on May 19 at 12PM UTC

How to get $FINA in Polygon?

1. Cross $FINA from BSC to Polygon.
Check the FAQ section of the Polygon Launch Magic Eden NFT Sale article for instructions.
2. Buy $FINA on SushiSwap using MATIC.

$FINA LP Staking Tutorial

Go to https://www.sushi.com/pools and connect your wallet. Select Polygon mainnet as the network in your wallet, then search for the MATIC / FINA Liquidity Pool.

Once selected, click on deposit.

Screenshots are for the MATIC/WETH pair, verify that you have selected the MATIC/FINA pair instead)

Add Liquidity by staking an equivalent amount of $FINA and $MATIC.
After adding liquidity, you will receive MATIC-FINA-SLP Token, also known as LP token. Stake your LP token on our website for extra rewards.

To stake your token, go to https://defina.finance/staking/ and select the Polygon network. Then click on Stake.

Disclaimer: The APR in the screenshot is not the real APR.

Approve your LP token. You will then be able to stake them.

Once staked, you will generate rewards over time.

To receive your rewards or withdraw your LP token, click on the withdraw tab, select the amount you want to withdraw, and click Withdraw All.

Magic Eden Mystery Box Reveal and Polygon Server Launch

Reveal your Magic Eden Mystery Box heroes and officially transfer them into the Polygon server on May 19, 2PM UTC! We will also host a mystery box reveal stream from the team on Discord, please look out for the announcement!

For BSC game server players, we will be providing you a hero upgrade plan next week if you like to cross over to play on the Polygon game server.

Happy staking and good luck! ????

About Defina

Defina is a blockchain anime gacha game that embraces NFT technology that allows true ownership of acquired game assets in the game. Players can open Mystery Boxes, collect Hero NFTs and trade them in the marketplace. Level up your Heroes, combat in PVP Arena and battle Vrykos in Nightmare City to save humanity from the brink of destruction! Form a team of your favourite heroes and join a guild to battle against others in the new game mode — Guild Wars. Defina’s vision is to bring blockchain to millions of players, allowing them to explore a new form of gaming through blockchain technology.

All characters of Defina and its game assets have copyright and are intellectual properties of Defina Finance.

Define your destiny, conquer your enemy & build with us daily!

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