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Score a Discount for Your Flight and Hotel for Binance Blockchain Week Paris

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Main Takeaways

  • The Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2022 conference will be taking place from Wednesday, September 14 to Thursday, September 15.

  • The event is happening in Palais des Congrès, Paris, and will host the world’s leading experts in Web3, blockchain, and all things crypto.

  • If you’re flying from outside Paris, you can enjoy a discount for your flight and accommodation when you pay with crypto on

Here’s how to get flight tickets and accommodation at a discount when you pay with crypto via It’s never too early to get ready for Binance Blockchain Week Paris!

Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2022

Taking place from Wednesday, September 14 to Thursday, September 15, Binance Blockchain Week Paris is a two-day conference featuring the most influential figures in the crypto space. You can expect fireside chats, insightful discussions, and keynote speeches from respected crypto pioneers. Binance Blockchain Week Paris will be held in Palais des Congrès, Paris, so non-Parisian residents should make sure to prepare before jetting off to the City of Light.

Are you getting ready for Binance Blockchain Week Paris? We’ve got you covered! 

Pay With Crypto Now, Save on Flights and Accommodation!

Did you know that flight tickets usually get more expensive three weeks from the departure date? Thanks to the law of demand, the longer you wait to book your flight, the more likely you’ll end up paying more for the same ticket as your seatmate who booked the same flight earlier. Secure your tickets early so you can set aside more cash for your impending Paris adventure! What’s more, travel platforms occasionally offer sweet deals that allow you to get even bigger discounts. Fancy saving up to 40% when you book a hotel stay? Look out for deals on and book early! Use BTake5Off for an extra 5% off when you book via

Good news for globe-trotters! You can also book travel activities with crypto to make the most out of your Paris experience. Get your post-pandemic travel revenge and soak up all the City of Light has to offer. Indulge in art, gastronomy, and fashion in the capital of France today with tours offered by

How to pay with crypto

  1. Sign up for a Binance account or log into your existing Binance account.

  2. Top up your Funding Wallet with BNB. If you’re a new user, make sure to verify your identity first.

  3. Go to a crypto-friendly travel provider like

  4. Search for a flight, hotel, or travel experience for the dates on which you intend to travel.

  5. Once you’re settled on an itinerary, make payment by entering your traveler details.

  6. Select [Crypto] as your payment method and then [BNB].

  7. Click [Payment sent] and you will receive a confirmation email or e-ticket once your transaction has been processed.

Thinking of Attending Binance Blockchain Week Paris?

Before you get carried away and book your flight, remember to secure your BBW Paris tickets first so you don’t wind up making a wasted trip. 


For more information, refer to Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2022 Landing Page

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